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6 Themed Restaurants In Chennai For The Art-Lover In You!

How many of these have you tried?

It’s Madras week and we cannot keep calm. There is so much to talk about the city and its amazement. Chennai is the land of foodies. (Or, should we call ourselves “theenipandaramas”). People here love food, it is no wonder we have a restaurant on every street of the city. Which makes it even more difficult to choose from. Fret not, we cannot help you every time, but we have you covered for your next six outings. If you are a lover of aesthetics and detailing, these restaurants below are just the place for you:



This Airplane themed restaurant inspired from the Boeing-747 is amazing. Amazing is the perfect word to describe the Thuraipaakam Restaurant. Get in and you will start having the flight- jitters because of it so real. I had a shudder, and am not exaggerating. Everything in the restaurant is as same as in Boeing. The lounge is similar to the boarding area, and the plates are in the shape of small airplanes. In addition, you get to choose the Terminal, cool right?

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