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6 Themed Restaurants In Chennai For The Art-Lover In You!

How many of these have you tried?


Superstar Pizza

Last but not the least, the go-to place for every Chennaite. There are many reasons to visit this place; for starters, it is in Besant Nagar, next to the beach, a long hot date does need Superstar finish. And, it’s everything THALAIVAR. The walls adore some rare and amazing pictures of Rajni, there are his dialogues, his painting, his art, its Rajnikanth, everywhere, even on the menu. Every Pizza is named after his characters and it’s not random. For example, Annamalai Rajni Pizza is all spicy because he gets emotional and fierce in the movie. One can sit all day and enjoy the nomenclature. After all, this if you still need a reason, hey, the place serves Pizza.

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