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6 Themed Restaurants In Chennai For The Art-Lover In You!

How many of these have you tried?


Mad Hatters Tea Garden

No, do not leave my article in the middle to rush to the place you fantasy lovers, wait. Yeah, Mad Hatter’s Tea Party just gave us all an open invite. Hiding behind a bunch of branches in Chetpet, Mad Hatters Tea Garden is the place where Mr. Time does not stand still but takes you on a beautiful experience. (Get it? I made a pun) Grab a book and have the best date with yourself, because it is like that garden-you-always-wanted-to-put-but-never-did in Mad Hatters.


Fully Local

Yeah, Yeah the name is exciting, so is the restaurant. If you love tiny things that can carry stuff, I am pretty sure you will love this one. There is a miniature iron box and cycle with a basket to increase the flavor. Located in Mylapore, this is one place you should never miss.

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