6 Mistakes people make in the bedroom!

No more bedroom blunders!

Heard stories about how your friends’ partners at some point may have said what’s forbidden during sex? Freudian Slips are a strict no-no in the bedroom as they could fatally injure your sex life for good. Lap up these pointers and make sure you don’t commit these blunders in bed, for you may not have a second chance after all.

  • “Hello Charlie, it was amazing last night,” doesn’t seem wrong? Well, if Charlie is your ex and you call your partner by that name, it’s the worst thing you could do. Remember to forget your ex, especially during sex.

  • Whether he loves you enough or not is not a conversation you would want to have in bed! Do not test his love for you in bed.Men get turned off when you interrupt with unnecessary and dramatic questions.

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