5 Things You Can Do With Your Girlfriends Apart From Just Shopping

The Power of Gal Pals!!

Hanging out with your gal pals is happiness itself. While shopping with them is the most obvious activity, there are several other fun, different things you can do together with your girl pack. Here are some suggestions.

Girl squad, clique, posse, call it what you want but you have to admit that there is something indisputably powerful about bonds of female friendships. From ‘Sex and the City’ to ‘Four More Shot Please!’ to ‘Magalir Mattum,’ enough movies and pop-culture references stress the importance of a girl gang. So this friendship day, acknowledge the significance of surrounding yourself with amazing women who are not only your stress busters but also people who push you to excel, challenge you, and support you in every way!

Travel: Hit The Road Gals!

We can list a thousand reasons why it’s important to travel with your girl gang. It’s relaxing, offers change of perspective, lesser responsibilities, helps de-stress… we can keep going on. Whether it’s working, studying, babysitting kids or keeping your family in line, it’s often best to switch off from your daily routine now and then. So hit the road, go on off-beat trails, trek, camp or take to luxury and travel to a resort in Bali or an exotic royal stay in Rajasthan. You can even choose to go club-hopping in Thailand or the casino in Vegas or for starters, even a weekend away to Goa works! Go to a strange land, party hard, enjoy nice massages and finally detox. When your girlfriends are around, you will only feel more relaxed and comfortable.

Wine And Cheese Pizza Party!

Yes, wine Wednesdays are a thing! (In case you miss that, there are always Thirsty Thursdays!) Is there a classier way to get drunk with your girlfriends? There is no better company than a glass of wine and a gang of girls for boy talk sessions. Whether it’s appreciating or complaining about the men in your life, talking about that hottie in the gym, stalking your old crush or just laughing over absolutely nothing, get your girls, wine and pizza together for some great memories.

Movie Night Marathon

Grab a tub of popcorn and your girls to re-watch your favourite old movies. Be it horror, action, rom-com or a chick-flick, it’s a special experience catching an old movie with your best bunch. Favourite scenes, relatable characters, hot protagonist (whom you can unabashedly turn into slow-mo) there is always a delight to start discussing mid-film with your group of girlfriends. Is there a new series out that you’ve been dying to watch but never found the time for? Who better to binge-watch with than with your girlfriends!

Brunches to lunches with your GFFs!

Sunday plans? Get together to cook, throw a potluck or just wear your favourite dress and catch-up for brunch with your girls. Good food plus good company equals a soulful Sunday.

Clubbing and Karaoke nights! 

Spend your weekdays planning your Friday nights. Let loose and go crazy. Dance your weekends away with the funkiest moves, twirl, jump, slow dance or do some crazy robot-moves. Do whatever. Just don’t leave till your muscles are so cramped up that you do feel like a zombie. Karaoke nights? Sing till your throats go hoarse.

Volunteer Together

Do you and your girlfriends have a common cause you support? This might not be the first thing that comes to your mind when you’re thinking to chill. But volunteering leaves behind an amazing positive impact in your soul and can be super fun when done together. From running marathons, feeding puppies, visiting the orphanage or helping out at medical camps or fundraisers, you could get together at least once a month to make a difference. Aren’t we all enjoying a lot more freedom than in the past because of some incredible group of women who came together to fight for what they believe?

Extend Your Girl Gang

It’s great and also healthy to establish a larger and more diverse group of girlfriends than just sticking with your constants. While you might have your irreplaceable BFFs, try extending your girl gang community. More is always merry!

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