5 Things Women Want In A Relationship But Never Say!

We want a lot more than just the presence!


Of course, one doesn’t need to be a woman to look for love; however women just love to feel loved. Saffana Mohammed, a Bengaluru based viscom student says, “When woman says ‘love’, it doesn’t mean that the men in their life should indulge in PDA. That’s not bad once in awhile, but as a woman, I want my man to depict his love for me through words and actions as frequently as possible.” It is not that a woman doesn’t know that her man loves her; it is nice to remind her how much frequently.


Many women have to demand for respect and space as they don’t get enough of them from their partners. Shubha Ragunathan, an IT professional from Chennai says, “When it comes to career, women need more support than men. To get away from work-pressure, I pursue my hobbies, travel and hang-out with friends—sometimes my husband is supportive, and sometimes he is unmanageable when it comes to the ‘space’ factor. Due to this, we always end up having an argument. My work is just as pressurizing as his and additionally, I end up doing most of the household chores! A little respect towards my contribution towards our house would be nice.”


It is important for women to have men who understand them. It’s also important for women to help men understand how to listen. Charulatha Rao, a home-maker from Hyderabad says, “My husband doesn’t have a clue that he is a bad listener (our marriage counselor told me that). Like most husbands, he thinks that he is the best, and I am lucky to have a partner like him! As a wife, I need to understand that there is a time limit to a conversation and I need to time it precisely – right between the news and sports highlights! And it works like a charm – he really listens then. He makes a cup of coffee for me and listens intently for 15 to 20 minutes. He understands my problems and comes up with solutions! I am happy and so is he! We have been doing this for about two months now and he understands me better. I wish he would allot more time for our conversations, but one step at a time!”


Sometimes in a relationship, men take their partners for granted. If you and your partner have been together for a long time, it is bound to happen. Men become unappreciative of their partners–be it cooking, cleaning or going that extra mile to buy that piece of sexy lingerie! Gowri Kannan, a home-maker from Chennai says, “It is nice to be appreciated. A man must keep reminding his woman that whatever she has done for you and does for you in the future, you are grateful and will continue to be. A man must appreciate even the minutest of his partner’s efforts.” Dear man, it is not that a woman always wants to fetch some acknowledgement of what they do, it is just that a little appreciation keeps them going. Women want to feel valued; it gives them a sense of satisfaction that she is important to you.


These words might sound intense, but they are the basic requirement of any human being who has emotions. Nandita Krishna, a Hyderabad based business consultant says, “Women just want an assurance that their sheer investment of time, soul and a whole lot of emotions into a relationship is not going to be wasted just like that. Is that too much to ask for? Also, thanks to men, they do have a bit of a reputation of being commitment-phoebes.” That doesn’t mean that all women out there are always ready to commit to men – when it comes to a relationship, women just don’t want to be deserted!


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