5 Things That Every Girl In Her 20’s Will Be Confused About!

I am an adult! Am I an adult?

Being a woman is more than a physical thing. Adulthood is not a phase that you enter into but a phase that you develop over a period of time. Adulthood brings responsibilities and confusions along with it demanding maturity. Here are the five obvious confusions that adulthood would bring in every girl’s 20’s! 


Should I work or study?


Every girl in her 20’s would have this question in her mind right from her early 20’s. After having graduated you may feel like you are all set to start off your career and lead an individual life but simultaneously your brain would ask you to continue your studies for various reasons. You will want to study because you want to excel in your field or you want to study because you are not ready for the responsibilities of an adult or you just want to enjoy your 20’s with your girls for a few more years. No matter what your idea is, make sure you don’t choose one of these just to escape from responsibilities. Both ‘work’ and ‘study requires a lot of responsibility.



Should I move out of my house?


You are growing up and when your parents still see you as their kids, serious arguments would walk in and walk out in your 20’s frequently. Once you have reached your 20’s every girl gets the feel of being an independent individual and wants to walk out of the house to live her own life finding her own adventures. It is not necessary to stay away from your parents to be independent and at the same time living with your parents all your adulthood will not teach you how difficult life is as an individual. Before you get married and start your own family, it is better you have a warm up of a year or two by living on your own and also remember not to leave your parents alone for a long while.


Is he the right guy?


Now that you have crossed your teenage, the drama in your life would seem to be high and you would want to live a practical life. This might even make you think whether the person you are dating is the right  person or not. It is obvious that your school-time boyfriend will not be the same in your 20’s and it applies to you too. People change as time changes and decide on continuing or breaking your relationship depending upon both your priorities and life plans.


Should I get hitched or build my career?


Going to the next level, Indian women in particular are brought up with the stereotypes that a woman has to get married in her 20’s. This is 20th century and make sure you don’t get influenced by the aunties in your family and marry a guy at your early 20’s. At the same time, getting married in the 20’s is not a sin and at the end, the decision depends on whether your are prepared for it or not.


Am I on the right path?


In your mid-20’s, confusions would walk in asking you “Are your really happy with your job?”, “Is this relationship true?”, “Is this what adulthood is all about?”! This is the phase your mind and body is at its best, so don’t abuse it by over-thinking about it. Life is meant to have up’s and down’s and your 20’s are the best phase to learn from them as you have higher chances to correct them. Love yourself and do what you love and enjoy your womahood. After all, you are in your 20’s and your life is not gonna end here.


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