5 signs your BFF is a frenemy!

Red flags to watch-out for!!

What hurts you the most? A frenemy who predictably harms you or that trusted best friend? Of course the answer is clear. A BFF is someone you confide into and spill out all your secrets. It’s the trust that is difficult to regain when broken. So how do know if your BFF is actually a frenemy? Look out for the signs!

  • If you have learnt that someone else in your group of friends knows that one thing which only you have an idea about apart from your BFF, it’s not rocket science to know who revealed it. Be sure that you confront them asap.


  • A true friend will always be by your side and if you suddenly find yourself fighting it alone, or sense jealousy, it’s time to find a new BFF. It’s important to have someone who genuinely is happy for your success and as rude as it may sound, if they aren’t? Just lose them!


  • If your BFF turns around and does any of these, please give them a go; Body shaming, hurting your confidence, making fun at your expense and most importantly disrespecting you.


  • We all gossip, but beware of the BFF who pretends to be nice to one of your friends and as soon as they turn their backs, he/she starts ‘bitching’ about them. If they can do it to someone else, they can do it to you too.


  • Some amount of healthy competition between friends is great. However, if he/she gets competitive to prove that they are better than you; it’s time to realise they are harmful.


Of the said above, remember one thing; your gut feeling about a situation is what you need to trust the most.  If you feel any different in your BFF’s behaviour, then you know what to do.



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