5 Reasons Why He Is Not The Right Guy For You!

He is just not that into you!

Remember the scene in ‘ Lage Raho Munna Bhai’ when Sanjay Dutt asks the girl who is going to meet her prospective groom to look out for signs to identify him as ‘ Mr. Wrong’? Here are five signs to help you identify that you are pursuing Mr. Wrong.

  • He doesn’t take no for an answer

If you say no to something that he has asked you to do, the right man will respect your decision, whereas the wrong man will be forceful and will not take no for an answer. He will try different ways to get a “yes” out of you instead of respecting your boundaries.

  • He is busy all the time

No one can be so busy to spend an hour together over a cup of coffee. If there is no signs of him making an effort to spend time with you, it’s possible that his focus is not on you .A man who is really into you, will fit you into his busy schedule. If he is not, then it probably means that he is dating other people and is not interested in you – which means; your interest should not be on him. In other words, he is the wrong guy for you.

  • He doesn’t trust you

Being possessive is good, however if this behavior turns into obsession then it’s an alarm. If he is all the time keeping a tab and watch on you, keep him off. He clearly does not trust you.

  • He doesn’t listen to you

If he is constantly not paying attention out when you are talking to him, instead he checking texting his friends or keeps himself busy with other distractions, no way!  If your guy is not giving you specific attention at times when it is important for you to be heard, he for sure is Mr. Wrong.

  • He insists on physical relationship

This is a major indicator that he does not respect you or your personal limitations. A man in love with you will not try to force you into anything that you’re not ready for. This sign is ‘siren’, Mr. Wrong is only focused on pleasure, end the relationship.


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