5 Reasons Why Fights Can Be Good For Your Relationship!

After all, we fight with the ones we love!

Fighting with your partner is not always a bad thing. There are positive spin-offs to scrapping!

Let’s face it, fights happen in any relationship. Whether it’s your parents, your siblings, your BFF or your partner, there are occasions when we end up fighting with those we love most. And naturally, the person we fight withmost is our partner. Why? Because we are closest to him, and if we are living together, chances are he’s the person we see most. So it’s but natural that we get on each other’s nerves at times, or dislike some annoying habit of his and we end up having a scrap.

But you know what? Fighting is healthy. Not abusive fighting where physical force is used. Not emotional or verbal abuse either. But the occasional slanging match, temper tantrum or the ‘let’s talk’ that spirals into an argument, is fine. Here’s five reasons why fighting with your partner helps to boost your relationship.

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