5 Reasons Why Fighting is Good!

Here’s why!

Couples fight and it is not unnatural! Research shows that fighting is healthy. Not the abusive kind where physical force is used or not the emotional or verbal kind where expletives break out like the plague. But the occasional slanging match, temper tantrums or the ‘let’s talk’ that spirals into an argument, is fine. Here are five reasons why fighting with your partner might make your bond stronger.

Deepens Trust

Fighting helps, especially in the early days of a relationship when you still don’t know each other well enough. It helps you to get to know each other and your respective aspirations for the relationship. It paves way to trust. A constructive fight – where partners don’t call each other names – can help clear the air. Often, your partner doesn’t know what is on your mind. Sometimes it takes an argument for all those hidden feelings to come out. The more you know about each other, the deeper your levels of trust becomes. It also means that you are being honest and upfront with each other.

Improves Quality of Relationship

Sometimes it takes a fight to know what’s on your partner’s mind. Once these conflict minefields are out in the open, both partners are aware of what they are doing wrong in a relationship. Or else, once they cool down, they are able to talk it out and reach a compromise. Either way, it helps to strengthen your bond and also reflect on where you went wrong.

You Feel Better

Blowing off steam is always good. When you have unresolved issues in your head, it weighs you down; it affects your relationships, not only with your partner but with those around you. It affects your mood and even your productivity. Once you’ve had your say, you will feel so much lighter and so much better. You are also relieved of the stress of carrying things inside you.

Creates Memories

Some fights can be totally absurd – we’ve all been there and done that. Some silly issues can get blown out of proportion. Occasionally, one of you would have behaved foolishly; you could end up sobbing over a non-issue. You and your partner will look back on that fight and share a few chuckles. A guaranteed way to bond better!

You don’t take each other for Granted

We tend to take our partners for granted very often. As comfort levels increase, as the years go by, we fall into a pattern and get stuck in a rut. We may be feeling stuck; you may not like it that your partner never comes home on time or takes you for a holiday or surprises you with gifts anymore. That simmering resentment will come out in a fight and it will become an eye-opener for your partner. A fight helps to salvage the relationship from a stagnant rut.



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