5 questions you should NEVER ask your husband when newly married!

Golden rules for newly weds!

Relationships are complicated and we all agree! However, why complicate them further? When you are newly married, especially if it’s an arranged marriage, you tend to have a thousand questions to ask your new husband. Of course communication is great, but make sure you invest in a healthy marriage and not dwell in the past. Here are 5 questions you must never ask!


1. Did you ever have a one-night stand? Ok, this might be a question which will make him believe that you don’t trust him right from the day of the wedding. It’s none of his or your business to know about a one-night stand which any of you may have indulged in! Of course, you should know the sexual history of your future husband but make sure you are asking all of that BEFORE you marry! Once married, it gets really uncomfortable to answer a question like that!

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