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5 Healthy Food Fads You Can Try At Home!

Low in calories, easy to make & healthy!

People say that anything delicious is not often healthy. But people aren’t always right. Here are a few trending food fads that are not only healthy but will also make your taste buds linger.

Are you looking for yummy foods to dive into but also want to have your health on point? Are you a foodie and a health freak? Don’t stay on the fence. Have the best of both worlds.

Overnight oats

Oats aren’t anyone’s favourite meal. They look pale and unappetising. However, with people turning to cereal grains to improve their health, this whole new concept of overnight oats is taking over the internet. As the name implies, it is a simple two-step recipe. You just have to soak the oats in lemon water, milk or yogurt. After soaking them in, you leave it overnight for the oats to absorb the liquid. This serves as a gluten-free breakfast which also helps in lowering cholesterol and it’s much easier to digest. The next morning, you have a creamy, yummy-looking and a healthy breakfast and the choices of toppings are endless. When you can turn something healthy into a dessert-like delicious meal, it will make you look forward to every morning.

Juice cleanse

Juice cleanse helps unleash the natural healing powers in your body. By digging built up toxins in our body, juices flood the body with antioxidants and nutrients. A juice cleanse involves downing 16 ounces of fruit and vegetable juices every few hours and also drinking eight glasses of water every day. The healthiest form of juice cleanse is when your juices are a mix of fruits, vegetables and nuts. You can experiment with different kinds of juices to your liking. It not only helps in weight loss but is also a great way to detox your body and improve your energy.

Golden latte

Cafes from Sydney to San Francisco are spicing up their menus by introducing the new “Golden latte.” The golden latte is just a modern name given to something that Indians have been doing for ages. Bringing back the old Indian tradition, Golden latte is nothing but turmeric juice added to almond, cashew or coconut milk. Turmeric is a natural healing spice. This golden latte is not only a healthy alternative for coffee, but also tastes better and is easy to make it yourself. Having a bright golden colour, so vivid that it doesn’t need any instagram filters, the Golden lattes are outnumbering the normal lattes, gaining fans all around the world.

Meatless Monday

Meatless Monday is a trending factor that makes you cut down on meat on Mondays. Today, there is a rise in the quantity of meat that is being consumed by every individual. A day without meat means a day with less intake of cholestrol, calories and fat. It backs good health and also helps in wight loss. It will also make you bring a variety of other foods to your plate.

Super bowls

Meals that pack a punch, conveniently packed in portable bowls are becoming the most efficient and delicious way to eat. Available at both supermarkets and restaurants, super bowls involve a mixture of nutritious protein, whole grains and vegetables topped with a delicious variety of sauces all into one dish. It is an easy-to-make meal at any time of the day and also lets you play with your taste buds.


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