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Butter Corn pasta

The word Pasta screams comfort. Add some butter and corn and you have got the perfect companion for those dull days.


100 gm Spaghetti

1 tbsp butter

½ cup cheese, of your choice

½ cup corn

¼ cup milk

As needed, Italian seasoning

¼ tsp black pepper, powdered

As needed, salt

Coriander, for seasoning



  • Boil water, add the pasta, some salt and cook until tender.

  • Drain it and wash it with cold water and transfer to dry bowl. Drizzle some olive oil over it to prevent drying.

  • Cook the corn and keep it aside. Fresh corn is best but frozen corn can be microwaved and used.

  • Alternatively, melt the cheese in a pan and keep aside.

  • Heat butter in a pan, add the cooked corn and give it a mix. Add the cooked pasta, cheese and continue mixing over medium heat.

  • Add milk, mix well, check for salt and add black pepper and the Italian seasoning.

  • Transfer to serving bowl and top it with fresh coriander and serve with a slice of toasted bread.

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