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4 Ways To Potty Train Your Puppy!

This will help!

House training your pup is essential and the sooner you begin the better. Remember, the more time you spend with the puppy, the quicker you can train him. 

So, you’ve brought your cute little puppy home. Now begins the not-so-cute phase! Playing with the pup and watching hiss adorable antics will keep you enthralled and delighted. The not so delightful bit will be cleaning up his poop and pee, finding your shoes or socks or the newspaper all chewed up, discovering it foraging on your garbage bin…! Small puppies seem to pee and poop through the day; at least that’s how you will feel!



Toilet training your pup is essential and the sooner you begin the better. You need to establish a routine and you need to be consistent and committed to it. I fact, it’s all about routine. Feed the puppy at the same time every day and take him out or to his designated spot immediately after every meal.

You also need oodles of patience. Getting angry and bashing up the puppy is not the answer.  Remember, it takes at least six months before a pup is completely toilet trained. Initially, they are like babies – they do their job whenever and wherever they please.

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