4 Steps That Tell You That Your Best Friend Acts Like Your Mother!

This is so funny!

Best friends are essential. Whether you need a shoulder for support, a person to share your joy with, or simply are looking for something to excite you on a boring day, your best friend is always ready to help. Over a period of time, your best friend may become family; you always have their back and take care of them, and they do the same for you.

Sometimes however, this becomes a problem, and you suddenly have yet another ‘parent’ that’s always on your back, asking a million questions you wouldn’t expect from anyone but your mother. You may be able to dodge her, but your best friend is always inevitable!

Here are things best friends do that mothers do also!

  1. Sleep alarm – Even if you have the last seen switched off on your WhatsApp, your best friend instinctively knows when you’re still awake; which in most cases is a good thing, but is also bad when you then get a lecture on how 8 hours of sleep is important to function properly in a day. Once you go to bed at a reasonable hour, be ready to wake up the next second after the 8 hours passes as they either barge into the room, or if somewhere else, keep calling you until you sound awake!
  2. Love life villain – Good luck trying to stay in a relationship. Once your best friend finds out about who you’re dating, you will be bombarded with 100 questions that would probably rival a presidential interview. “Where does he/she work?”, “Does he/she have any bad habits?”, “Will he/she take care of you properly?” all are standard questions, but be prepared for much worse. By the time the end of the question, you would question whether the relationship is even worth it!
  3. Weight watcher – Open a bag of chips by yourself, and the next second your best friend flies in from somewhere in front of you and hits you with a look of pure disgust. “You can’t eat that! This is why you’ve put on so much weight! This is not good for you! You’ll know in a few years when you get older!”. You can expect to hear all of this, and you may think about arguing (what do you mean I’ll know in a few years, we’re the same age!), but, depending on who your friend is, it may be best to just put the chips down.
  4. Always have your back – Although your mother may sometimes be unbearable, you always know she’ll have your back when you’re sick, she’ll tuck you into bed and give you anything you want, when you’re hungry, she’ll make sure you have something to eat, and if you’re running late on work, she’ll do whatever it takes to limit how late you are! Your best friend will do all this for you and more, the best thing about having a friend that acts like your mother!

Does this sound very familiar to you, or do you feel like there are more that have been left out of this article? Don’t worry, head over to the JFW youtube page and check out RJ Saru’s latest sketch for more! Watch this video below and tell us in the comments section if your best friend acts like she’s your mother:


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