4 Hairstyles For A Cocktail Evening!

Look trendy and be beautiful!


The retro Hot-rollers

Hot rollers lend high volume and shine to the hair and make sure curls do not droop easily. Divide your hair into five sections: back into two sections and front into three sections. On the front, the hair from the right eyebrow line to the left eyebrow line can be one section. On either side of that can be the other two sections. Use the big rollers on the front to lend high volume to the front. Use large rollers on the sides too. You could use smaller rollers at the back and if you have many sections, you can gradually go from small to medium to large at the front. Wait for about 15 – 20 minutes before removing the rollers. When you open your hair make sure you curl the roller so that the curls do not droop as soon as they are opened. Wait for about 2 minutes for the hair to cool down to room temperature and then use a little bit of hair spray mixed with shine serum. Open up your hair if you want: bend over and let the hair fall down; use your forefingers to comb through and open the hair slowly. Put your hair back and witness the curls automatically loosen up a little. The hairdo looks voluminous and better when opened up. You could pin up strands of hair if you want. You could also use the hot rollers to do a high bun or a one-sided plait with the curls as the base. Use a re-shapeable spray once you are done.

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