Top 9 Fashion Trends That Ruled 2023 !

Fashion finds this year : Yearly Roundup!

We are now in the last month of this year and it’s time for our favourite lists to take centre stage. Starting the round-up season with fashion, we have the top 9 trends that ruled 2023. From celebrities to influencers, millennials to GenZ, the list covers trends that were popular among them all. The realm of fashion continues to evolve each year, while a lot of trends are certainly a throwback, a lot are new and fresh takes. Style is all about self-expression, fashion is about trends, when you mix the two, you get the best. 

In 2023, the fashion landscape saw a fusion of cultures, while Indian wear always has and will dominate the fashion charts, a lot of trends this year are based on comfort and relaxation. With some retro aesthetics, some sustainable initiatives, and some global trends, here is a list of the top that ruled our nation’s fashion charts:

  1. Wide Legged jeans

In 2023, wide-legged jeans are making a return to the forefront of fashion. It has gone through a revival of sorts while the silhouette remains classically the same. These jeans are infallible, they suit every body type, and the details are in the way you style them. These come in a variety of washes- a clean indigo to a stone wash one, ripped to a faded blue. The two most common ways we have seen it be styled this year are one, with a cropped top, and two, with an oversized shirt or t-shirt. Both are extremely edgy styles and topping the charts at the moment. 

2. Birkenstocks 

While these have been in the markets for years, 2023 saw them coming into the limelight. It’s comfortable and luxurious, a little heavy on the pocket for the general crown, but somehow seems to be everywhere. They come in a variety of styles- but the classic sandals are what we see most of. Now you have metallic finishes, bright colors, prints, etc making it more fashion-forward. It is more casual than it is a dressy option, but when have fashion trends followed traditional rules. 

3. Fish cut lehengas


One for the wedding season, fishtail cuts in lehengas are all the rage at the moment. It’s also called the mermaid cut in some places, it’s a tight-fitted body-hugging silhouette that flares from the knee to the floor. A very feminine cut, the fish-cut lehengas were seen in a lot of designer collections on the runway. Intricately embroidered or in bold colours, nude palettes or velvet, the trend has been made in a lot of variations. Whether you’re a bride looking for a show-stopping wedding outfit or attending a festive celebration, fish-cut lehengas in 2023 offer a perfect blend of tradition and contemporary style, making a bold and glamorous statement.

4. The Revenge dress 

The dress gained popularity after Sobhita Dhulipala wore it in Made In Heaven, a series on Prime Video. The concept of ‘revenge dress’ is an outfit worn by someone to make a powerful statement. It should make you feel confident and connected with yourself. The most famous off-shoulder black dress worn by Princess Diana is a classic revenge dress. A body con dress is the base, well-fitting and uber-flattering with variations depending on style. We saw the classic black ones, the embroidered Sabyasachi version, the one in bold vivid colours and so many more this year. 

5. Barbie Pink

Greta Gerwig’s Barbie was released this year and with it came the ‘pink fever’. Women embraced the all-pink ensembles with so much flair and happiness. It was everywhere. What we particularly loved about this trend is how unabashed it was. We love pink, and we don’t care what you think. It is a color of empowerment, women associate the color with positivity. 

6. Wedding dresses in Nudes/whites

2023 was the year of the minimalist bride. Celebrity brides this year took a very nude, understated route. Blush pinks, gold and beige, white and gold, the colors were muted but the looks were glorious. Athiya wore a link pink wedding lehenga, Keerthi Pandian opted for a tissue gold saree and Kiara Advani wore a pink-hued Manish Malhotra lehenga. This trend is here to stay, with wedding season upon us, we’ll see whether the brides of 2024 chose the same or a different route. 

7.Dhoti skirts 

A very sexy and sensuous silhouettes, the dhoti skirts gained momentum this year. It is a sarong-like skirt that gives your body a feminine grace. It’s flowy and it’s flattering, just what we needed. Samantha’s monochromatic ensemble looked fashion-forward but if you wish to drape this skirt, pair it with a casual tee. Balance the look with one simple element and one statement- the skirt in this case. 

8.Corset top

A well-stitched or structured corset top can do wonders for every body type. It blends the vintage aesthetic of the corset with contemporary trends. This particular piece of clothing has evolved from an undergarment to a rocking top option. It cinches your wait, accentuates your curves, and is multi-functional. Wear it with a pair of baggy pants for a casual chic look or with a saree to amp up the glamour quotient. 

9.Summer Dress

The most versatile and common dress trend this year was the summer dress. A slight variation from the regular A-line silhouette, this time its a strappy dress with a slit on one slide. This trend was seen among the IT girls this year. An easy trend to pull off, you could go for the numerous styles available in the stores. Mostly seen in floral prints, there are also many other designs for you to chose from.


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