7 Ways To Style Your Classic White Shirt!

Try One Or Try It All!

A simple, classic white shirt can be styled in several ways, you could wear it with blue jeans for a faultless look or you could pair it with a tank top to add some colour, whatever you choose to do, make the style your own. Few things rival the comfort and versatility of a classic white shirt that seamlessly transitions through every season. A white shirt is like a blank canvas, you can write your own story with fashion. Here are some easy ways to style that white shirt in your cupboard :


  1. With Blue Jeans

This combination of well-fitted classic blue denim with a crisp white shirt is always relevant and top of the game. It’s casual but could be made semi-formal for work, it’s a style that can be moulded to up or down your dress-up game. Accessorizing this ensemble is easy, one could stack some metallic jewellery on the wrists or go with some statement neckpieces to complete the look. 


2. Oversized white shirt with a bralette or a tank top

This is a rather popular look and can be worn in several ways. A white shirt is extremely versatile and can be worn in n number of ways, This particular look needs a printed or solid top inside, could we worn with high waist boot cut jeans or tapered? If you want to look ‘cool’ in this summer heat, this is the best look. 


3. High-waisted shorts with tucked-in white shirt

Summer season is upon us, it’s time to bring out those shorts and skirts and bask in the summer glory. A pair of well-fitted high-waisted shorts are perfect for two reasons, one it gives you body length, the high waist will give the illusion of longer legs and the second is, it’s a great tummy tucker! Pair your shorts with a white shirt tucked in loosely and accessorize with a sling bag, and strappy sandals, and of course sunglasses. 


4. Black leggings and a cropped top with an unbuttoned white shirt

Sometimes, you don’t want to think too much about putting an outfit together, for times like these, the leggings are the correct pick. They fit like a second skin, but make sure to choose a breathable fabric that’s weather-appropriate. A cute cropped top with an unbuttoned white shirt and leggings can be worn for any type of outing, whether it is for a movie, traveling or even a day about town with friends. 


5. Trousers, a white shirt and a waistcoat

Want an idea for a formal yet fashionable look with a white shirt? Here it is. A pair of trousers, a crisp white shirt and a waistcoat, in beige or dark colours like navy blue or black is all that you need. It ups your formal attire, it takes it up a notch higher. Accessorise it minimally, with stud earrings or small gold hoops so that it’s appropriate for office wear. 


6. A sheath/ slip dress with a knotted white shirt

Style a dress with a shirt, this is one of the easiest looks to master. All you need is a dress, a solid colour is easier to style. Hence, pick one from your wardrobe that’s either a maxi or a knee-length dress that you feel comfortable in. A white shirt, even if not yours, pick one from your boyfriend or husband’s cupboard and wear it over the dress. Knot it to give the ensemble a stylish look. 


7. White shirt, lace slip and midi skirt

A skirt, a lacy slip and a white shirt, this combination is such a favourite. The trick is to balance the colours, you have to pick nude or neutral shades for the outfit to seem put together. 





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