Festive Fashion : How Your Favorite Stars Style Organza Sarees!

Take cues from these fashionable women and create your festive wardrobe.

The latest trend among celebrities and fashionistas in the nation is that of organza sarees. From award ceremonies to the latest Navratri season, we saw them styling the attire in a host of different ways. Organza is a thin, sheer fabric that’s glossy and lightweight. It’s traditionally woven in silk which gives it a shiny texture. The best part of this fabric is how one can dress it up or down depending on the occasion. It’s a great party wear when accessorised with trendy jewellery but at the same time, it’s such a timeless festive wear ensemble too. 

Designers these days have come up with various options for organza sarees, you could opt for a hand-painted one or an embellishment depending on what you prefer and like. It is lightweight but at the same time possesses a regality like silk. You can elevate a simple saree with a designer blouse, make sure you go for a well-fitted blouse since organza material is not form-fitting. Taking cues from these fashionable women, let’s see how you can style the organza sarees this festival time :

Classic Silk Blouse:

Silk blouses are the most flattering with an organza saree since they create a contrast of textures. A pure silk, cotton silk or raw silk fabric blouse will look fabulous against the lightweight and thin fabric of an organza saree. You could opt for a similar colour to the saree, do a contrast or just a deeper shade of the chosen saree. 

Embroidered Blouse:

An embellished or embroidered saree is meant to amp up a look and it would make for a great wedding or an event ensemble. Threadwork around the neck and sleeves or an overall embroidered blouse is a stark contrast to a translucent material like organza. 

High neck blouse:

As the organza material is quite transparent, a statement blouse would add an interesting layer to the mix. A high-neck blouse with no sleeves is a classic look that matches perfectly with a sheer fabric. 

Brocade blouse:

Brocade adds grandeur to an outfit and comes in stunning colours. Pair it with an organza saree and see the magic that it creates. You can mix and match, wear a contrasting colour or one that matches with the shade of your saree.

Cropped blouse:

A cropped blouse is a great alternative to a traditional ally cut blouse. Because of the sheer nature of the saree, the blouse is where one can experiment. A cropped blouse is a slightly longer blouse where the cut plays an important role. It can accentuate your curves and hide the bits that you would want to cover. 

Halter-neck Blouse:

For the girl who wants to add more oomph to a saree, an halter-neck blouse would be the answer. This is a glamorous option and one that truly makes you feel like a star, a diva. 

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