4 Hairstyles For A Cocktail Evening!

Look trendy and be beautiful!


The classic up-do

You have to prepare your hair for the up-do with a volumizing shampoo so that it does not come loose after a while and then dry your hair. Curl your hair however you would prefer, either tight or loose with a tonging machine. Do not forget to use a heat protecting spray before curling. Use a re-shapeable hairspray when you curl your hair so that it stays tight after you pin it up. After securing some hair at the front for a fringe, pin up the curled strands one by one on one side with a tiny U–pin. Invisible pins are available in the market. U pin, a normal bob pin and invisible pins come in handy for an up-do. Use an ample number so that the up-do stays for long. Make sure the last three rolls of hair cover all the pins used before. You can use accessories in your hair if you want. The up-do looks classy when it is done on the side. The current trend demands it to be lower. However, if you are looking for a red carpet look or want to look taller, you could have it higher up. As far as the front is concerned, if the curls are done, you could keep it messy and pin it up on the side. Or you could make a small quiff and have a bun on top. The best idea would be to have it sleek with a straight fringe. If you do not have a fringe, pin your hair to one side behind the ear. On the other side, you could have a few strands of hair softly falling on your face to frame it. This is recommended for people with high cheekbones. If you have a tiny face, you could put it all up. It is always better to use a strong-hold fixing spray for an up-do as it tends to get looser by the hour.  The spray ensures that the up-do stays put for a minimum of 8 – 10 hours.

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