4 Hairstyles For A Cocktail Evening!

Look trendy and be beautiful!

Tresses are a girl’s crowning glory and can completely make or break a look. Sporting a healthy mane styled in a flattering manner is as important as donning the right clothes, to look your ‘divalicious ‘best when you step out.


The bold waves

Shampoo, condition and blow-dry your hair straight. Use a heat protecting spray before blow-drying. Partition your hair the desired way, either from left to right or right to left at the front. Starting from the nape (below your ears), use a tonging or curling machine to curl strands of hair. Curl them inwards and leave them for about 5-6 seconds. When the hair is hot enough remove the machine and move on to the next bunch of hair. You can leave the front untouched. If you want your style to be loud and wild you could open up your hair with a little bit of serum. After your hair is done, use a fixing spray. There are two kinds of fixing sprays: re-shapeable and non re-shapeable. The re-shapeable fixing spray can be used if you want to be able to play with your hair. The other kind is a strong-hold spray after which your hair stays rigid.

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