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2 Delicious Bamboo Shoot Recipes!


Besides adding to the décor and serving as supporting pillars, bamboo has some extraordinary medicinal values that very few are aware of. 

The tallest member of the grass family has not earned much recognition in terms of what it can offer in abundance in fashion, cuisine and the medicinal arena as most of us have been guilty of not looking at bamboo as anything other than a raw material for affordable and durable outdoor furniture.

North Eastern Treasure

The indigenous tribes of the North East are exempt from this guilt as they were one of the first people in the country to recognise the true value of bamboo. As Nagamese clans would vow, Nagaland thrives on bamboo. The mmultitalented active ingredient in everything the people of the state do: house construction, furniture making, local cuisine and medicines.

Medical Miracle

In fact, the Nagamese people vouch that bamboo is filled with curative properties from top to bottom. Have a look:

  • Bamboo leaves can help in toning the stomach muscles, certainly a boon for those trying to cut the flab around their waist
  • Bamboo shoots help prevent internal poisoning
  • Bamboo is known to help regularize menstrual cycles
  • Bamboo shoots can help fight chronic constipation and reduce cholesterol
  • Being low in fat and sugar and rich in protein, bamboo shoots consumed for about 5-10 periods of treatment have shown weight loss in obese people
  • A decoction of bamboo leaves helps fight threadworm and it can also treat ulcers, and clean and heal wounds by promoting blood circulation
  • Bamboo resin (tabasheer) has astringent, aphrodisiac and diuretic properties.

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