10 Ways to Get Over A Break Up!!!

Doesn’t stop happiness!!!

It can be tough when you see so many ‘happy’couples around for all the single queens, especially if they are in the mourning period after a break up. Here is a survivor’s guide on getting over blues being single.


‘Singledom’ should not be about bawling your eyes out over some worthless ex-boyfriend. The concept of love and life is to celebrate living each day and loving yourself, friends and family.

  • Get together with your girlfriends and have a bonfire night where you get to throw in all the gifts you have received from a previously failed relationship.
  • Dumping old gifts gives one a good ego boost and if you are not able to access a bonfire, just dump them or flush them. This will help you regain your confidence and will make for an awesome night with the girlfriends with so much to gossip and share laughs about.
  • Order a few days ahead and make sure flowers and cake get delivered home to you, from you. No one can love you better than you so indulge yourself in some feel good ventures.
  • Schedule a manicure or massage and get beautified. Cook an extravagant meal just for you and don’t go easy on the dessert; let the calories pile on.
  • Make an elaborate list about why being single is awesome and read it over and over again, as many times as you would like till it registers deep in the psyche.
  • Plan ahead and go to a place you love to be in or meet a loved one, relative or friend if you wish to.
  • If you are desperate to get back to the dating scene, getting set up on a blind date with your mother’s friend’s son is just not right.
  • Remember not to get swept away by the tide and frenzy or to get hooked to the first man who comes along.
  • A relationship status does not define who you are or alter your identity.
  • Not all couples are having a better time than you and you can always have the time of your life just being you!

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