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Rejection at work? Handle it like a boss!

Here are a few tips that could help you navigate the minefield of recruitment!

Rejection is never easy to handle, more so when you are clueless about the reason behind it. There is nothing worse than being rejected for a job especially when you feel you have aced the interview. Here is an eye opener: crisp answers aren’t the only thing the human resources professional who is sitting across the table from you is looking for. There are a host of other signs that the HR person is cataloging. From your body language to your actual language – job interviews are full of hidden pitfalls that you are unaware of. Here are a few tips that could help you navigate the minefield of recruitment, tips that HR does not necessarily share.



In today’s world, everyone has a cyber footprint. From our email accounts to the numerous blogs and social networking sites that we are registered on, ‘connected’ is a way of life. Think twice before gleefully tagging yourself in all the drunken photos from last Friday night, posting outrageous status messages vilifying your last boss and a hundred other indiscreet things that are symptoms of the cyber world. It is extremely easy to find someone on the Internet and rest assured, HR will have looked you up. A good first impression is essential – even if you are not there in person to make it!


Tardiness is a big no-no but what most people do not realize is that being too early works against them as well. According to HR professionals, people who come in too early either look desperate for a job – and not in a good way- or impatient. Both options are not positive ones; it is essential for you to ensure that the person interviewing you is not put off by your conduct before you can even enter your meeting.


Despite deep advice on looks not mattering, the truth remains that your appearance does play a large role in forming your first impression. It is important that you are well dressed, well groomed and maintain good personal hygiene. Several interviewers have said that they passed over interviewees with bad body odor, bad breath, sloppy clothes and too many eccentricities. Remember, what makes your look popular with your friends is not necessarily what your future employer will be looking for. So leave your purple hair and black nail polish at home and embrace the corporate look.

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