Common Parenting Mistakes That You Should Avoid

Tips for good parenting!


Losing your temper is not going to solve anything. It is going to change the behavioral changes in your child. If you get drawn into screaming matches, name-calling, or using threats, the message you’re sending to your child is that you are not in control. For that moment, you’ve come down to your child’s behavioral level. Try to learn how to effectively handle your frustration and annoyance.



It is okay if everything is not in the right place. Give yourself a break. Parents stuck in this ineffective parenting style know their kids have great talents, they just need to work harder at them. And if the child is successful, the perfectionist parent will often raise the bar, insisting that their child can do even better next time. Allow some distance between you and your child and try not be behind them all the time.



When you rush in to do things for your child, you are sending a message that, you don’t think they are capable of handling the situation on their own. Kids learn to handle frustration only if they experience frustration on their own. If you make it too easy for your child by protecting them against every feeling of failure, you are keeping them from learning their own strength. And remember, you are exhausting yourself in the process.



Fighting with your spouse or anyone for that matter is a definite NO. Kids see, they do. Showing that you do not have a good relationship with your spouse can make your kids feel insecure. They might come to the conclusion that who over fights the most is a bad person and that can destroy their relationship with them. Also be careful not to cry when kids are around. It is not necessary for kids to see that we are upset, they will not understand what you are upset about and might get their own ideas.


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