Do Not Use Your Smartphone In Front Of Your Kids, Here’s Why!

A new study reveals important details!

A new study has revealed that parents who get absorbed in their smartphone- either checking mails, Facebook, playing games or others apps- have a negative interaction with their children. Kids feel that they need to compete with the smartphone to get the parent’s attention. Smartphone addiction is changing the dynamics of parent-child relationship.  It is important to recognize that responding to email or scanning Facebook while your kids are waiting or attempting to get your attention isn’t fair to them and could change the nature of your relationship with your kids if they don’t feel they are as important as the device.

You can start trying to set aside gadgets during specific times, such as meal, story and bed times. It will help to minimize any potentially distracting effects that smartphones have on parent-child interactions. Using the phone, is not recommended at the dinner table, which is a valuable time to fostering cohesion. That not only can improve relations between young children and their parents, but also teach the children about how to properly engage with people during conversations or interactions as they grow older.


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