Top 4 Beauty Misconceptions! Don’t Believe Them!!!

Oily Skin? Don’t Moisturize! Not True!!

When it comes to beauty, there are several misconceptions that float around but we don’t know the extent of their truth.


Oily Skin — No Moisturizer

Not true at all! No matter what skin type you have its vital to moisturise everyday! Applying moisturizer won’t make skin oiler or cause a break out, it just hydrates the skin initially after you take a shower. Rather than eliminating moisturizer from your routine completely, substitute your heavy based cream to a slightly lighter solution.

Cut your hair every 6 weeks

Pay a deaf year to people who suggest to you to cut your hair when you want it to grow longer, because it won’t. If you want long hair, just let it grow out. You should only get a haircut if your hair looks unhealthy, or has split ends.

Substituting acne cream with toothpaste

If you find that you have a mammoth pimple anywhere on your face and you need a quick fix, your first instinct will tell you to apply toothpaste to get rid of it right? But that trick doesn’t work very effectively. The menthol element in toothpaste actually ends up irritating your skin rather than soothing the area. If you are prone to break outs and acne, visit a dermatologist and get a prescribed cream.

Cucumbers don’t lessen eye puffiness

There is no particular element in cucumber that reduces the puffiness of your eyes. It just has the ability to stay cold for a long period of time. The coldness of the cucumber causes blood vessels around the eyes to contract reducing swelling. Then again, you can just apply anything that’s cold on your eyes, it’s not just limited to cucumbers!

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