8 Reasons To Boycott Chemical-based Beauty Products And Choose Olive Oil!

Go Natural!

From kitchens to beauty parlors, olive oil has proven itself, time and again, to be one of the most versatile oils. This essential oil is not only healthy to consume but it’s physiological properties have made it a favorite in the field of beauty and skincare as well.


Olive oil is an essentially Mediterranean product. Produced by grinding olives and extracting the oil from the fruit, it is utilized in various fields such as cosmetics, pharmaceutical mixtures and cooking. It was also, at one time, used to fuel the traditional household lamps. Though olive oil has become a popularly used product and can be found in most supermarkets world over, it remains an integral part of Mediterranean culture. Evidence of the use of olive oil can be traced back to the 8th millennium BC in the Mesopotamian culture as well as in ancient Greece.


  • Hair removal is a big part of any woman’s grooming agenda. Unfortunately, it is rarely a pleasant or easy experience. For those who bypass waxing and prefer to shave, olive oil can be used to make the experience smoother as it were.


  • Instead of the generic shaving creams which are usually chock full of chemicals, simply smooth some olive oil over your skin in order to achieve a great natural, smooth and silky finish.


  • Dandruff is a problem faced by women world over, when untreated, dandruff can also lead to other problems such as acne and hair fall. Olive oil is a good way to give your dry and flaking scalp some much needed relief. All you need to do is condition your scalp with some olive oil. It is most effective when it is warm, so either heat it up a little over the stove or in the microwave or employ the simple tactic of rubbing it between your palms.


  • Try and massage as much as possible into your scalp and leave it for 20 minutes or so. Then, using a normal shampoo, wash the excess oils away. Be careful, however, to leave intact the natural moisture that is enhanced by the olive oil.


  • Both vitamin E and antioxidants are essential components of olive oil. These properties ensure that your skin is left looking hydrated, refreshed and smooth. After a big night on town, it is essential that your properly remove your make up in order to allow your skin to breathe.


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  • Clogged pores lead to break outs which every woman wants to avoid. By using olive oil to remove your make up, you are avoiding chemical astringents and using something natural. The oil acts both as a healing and smoothening agent and leaves your skin looking better than new! It is especially good for women with acne scars.


  • Long, short, curly, wavy, straight – frizzy hair is the bane of any mane. With hundreds of hair smootheners, mousses, serums and conditioners on the market, it is impossible to keep track of what is really good for your hair amidst all the chemicals. Using too many chemicals on your hair will leave it dry and dull – even if it does look manageable.


  • A great au naturel solution is to use a few drops of olive oil. Just take a few drops in hand, and gently massage it into the ends of your hair. If that doesn’t successfully combat the frizz, run your hand gently over your mane from root to tip. Try not to use too much oil, you don’t want to end up with greasy hair either!


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