7 Ways In Which Mayonnaise Helps Your Skin And Hair!

Mayo to the rescue!

We’ve slathered it on our sandwiches and blamed it for making us gain weight, but mayonnaise has more than just a fatty facade. It can be used for non-food purposes as well, whether it’s for your hair, face or skin, this time you won’t regret using it.

mayo sunburn


Sunburn be gone

If you find that after a long day of outing you are horribly sunburnt, then look no further than your fridge. Mayonnaise can soothe sunburns giving it the moisture it lacks. The vinegar acts as a natural anesthetic.


mayo lice


Lice Problems

Lice are very tricky and pesky creatures. If you want to get rid of existing lice, then apply a thick layer of mayonnaise from your roots to ends and leave it overnight. This suffocates lice, killing them, in fact, any treatment with vinegar kills lice. Then simply comb your hair. This is effective in killing active lice, but not nits. But hey, it beats using harsh and expensive chemicals on your scalp.

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