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6 Mouth-Watering Food Items Hyderabadis Can’t Live Without!

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Hyderabad, the ‘City of Pearls’ is known for its Lac bangles, Pearls, Biryani and of course the laidback attitude. The city of Nizams is known for its rich culture and heritage. We may think Hyderabadis eat Biryani everyday and love nothing more than that. Well, they do love their Dum Biryani, however, there are few more mouth-watering food items and beverages they just can’t do without.

We spoke to a group of happy Hyderabadis who stopped the conversation midway and gorged on their favourite food! Here are the seven most loved dishes from the streets of Hyderabad!

Osmania Biscuit With Irani Chai


irani chai


This one will make you keep all the modern-day biscuits aside. If you love your evening tea with some cookies or biscuits, stack up Osmania Biscuits in your kitchen. Named after the last Nizam, Osman Ali Khan, the biscuits taste the best when dipped into Irani Chai. One fine evening the Nizam told his bakers that he wanted a biscuit which was sweet and salty. These gentlemen came up with this wonder and named it after him. The best place to buy these biscuits are Bahar Cafe, Sarvi Cafe and any other local tea joint. We recommend Bahar Cafe for the best Irani Chai in the city. Irani Chai is an age old tea recipe brought in by the Persian settlers. It’s made out of some spices to enhance the taste.


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