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Why is the T.V. show Survivor loved more than Bigg Boss season 5?

A paradigm shift not just for the reality show but for the society!

Reality shows have always been a huge hit and when it has a knack for entertainment it surely has been welcomed with open hands by our people. One such show which sets its benchmark and is enjoyed by millions is Bigg Boss. When Bigg Boss was making its rounds year after year, Survivor made its entry and began with a bang. Although it started as an underdog, this reality show gained high traction in a short period.

Survivor is a new Tamil language reality T.V. show which is adapted from the American television series Survivor which is running for over 20 years now. The Tamil version is following the same concept where the participants have to inhabit the deep forests of Amazon in Tanzania, Africa and compete against one another to win the grand cash prize of Rs.1Cr. Also, the participants are being given certain difficult tasks to gain their basic survival needs. The contestants are currently performing group tasks divided into 2 tribes but will have to perform certain individual tasks in the upcoming episodes.

This new show is being telecasted on Zee Tamil with its pilot episode launched on 12th September 2021 and is being broadcast every day from 9:30-10:30 pm. The show has gained much traction for its concept and collective faces being associated with the program. It marks the debut entry of Arjun Sarja – Tamil actor as a host in a small screen reality TV show who is known for his extreme fitness and action sequences in movies along with 16 contestants and 2 new wild-card entries. There have already been 5 eliminations making the total count of contestants down to 11.

There were speculations that this show would take the back seat with the arrival of everyone’s favorite Bigg Boss coming back with its 5th Season hosted by Kamal Haasan but to a big surprise, things took a turn. It is Survivor who’s taken the limelight with Bigg Boss being a great disappointment to its fans. There is a constant comparison between the two shows trying to find the backlog of the latter. It is speculated that the reasons can be the time change of the show from 9:30 pm to 10 pm, the lack of any known faces as contestants, same-old tasks, etc. On the other hand, Survivor seems super fresh with its challenging and interesting tasks and content.

But looking a little deeper on the comparison front, the new show seems far more feministic and women-centric than the latter. This season of Bigg Boss hosting a huge number of women contestants, it still doesn’t seem to fully understand the need to promote feminism or stop portraying transphobic or misogynic content on the show. Maybe that’s one success of Survivor.

Here’s a list of a few lessons from the show that portrayed not only Feminism but also promoted gender equality.



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Women = Men, yes physically too!

Be it physical or mental, Survivor has broken the age-old stereotype that men are physically stronger than women. All the tasks are equally played by the male and female contestants of the show. Stepping onto the grounds of the playing field, there is no difference between the two as it is in society. Contestants like Aishwarya, Vijayalakshmi, Gayathri have been constantly performing extremely well and sometimes better than their male counterparts.


 Extreme conditions, yes women can win them too!

With constant teaching of women being not just physically but mentally weaker is being proven wrong by this show. The contestants of the show have inhabited the hard islands of the Amazon forests in Tanzania. With no very few facilities, it is hard for anyone to survive let alone menstruating women. Imagining such hardships and putting on a big smile, performing a great job during tasks, is very inspiring, and forward to seeing such shows on the Indian reality T.V. community.

Ignore Society, here we are all one!

Big applause to all the male contestants who have time and again until now treated their female contestants as equals. The bond that these survivors hold is pretty beautiful to watch. They give and let give their shares of support, strength, and love for one another. Fights, fails, wins, come what may, they handle it all pretty well.

Good content, love content!

This T.V game show unlike any other game show has its eye on the prize – the prize of winning the hearts of people with their non-hateful and valuable content not just for entertainment but also with a sense of responsibility. Teaching such subtle lessons by showing the ideal normalcy is what we need. Portraying this ideal situation of women being treated as equals not just inspires young women but also teaches society that this is the true normal.



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Less Gossip can still make a Good show!

Unlike the people’s favorite, Bigg Boss this show has no to very little gossip yet is slowly tractioning to take its place in people’s hearts. This has broken the lifelong, typical myth of needing gossips to make a show hit. Being a game show, even when there are very few chances of such content, the makers of the show have kept it a rule to not concentrate on it much.

Although the recently forced elimination of Lady Kash did bring a bad light on this new show, it still doesn’t seem to have brought its traction down. Hoping to see no such misleads and wrongs from the show in the coming years. Leaving this news aside, this show still seems to be a great preacher of Feminism in today’s world compared to several other reality shows in the Indian Media industry.

Even though there is a huge following for this show, it still doesn’t seem to have fully turned the heads of the majority of the audience due to its forwardness. But few are a good start! Soon, Survivor will be a path promoting equality!


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