What Kind Of Shopper Are You?

Let’s find out!

Retail therapy is an actual thing these days and needless to say, the happiness we gain out of shopping is insurmountable. While some of us go to the mall and spend hours looking at things,  with the advent of online shopping, many of us like to just click away. There are shopaholics and people who don’t like to loosen their purse strings no matter how much they love something. So, what kind are you?


The Compulsive Shopper

Compulsive shopper JFW


This type of shopper is someone who treats every shopping trip like they are on a mission to reach their credit card limit. They don’t understand the concept of delayed gratification and are all about pleasing and pampering themselves all the time. These shoppers will not be satisfied until they have the best and latest of everything in the market. We all have one friend who is a compulsive shopper among us, don’t we? 

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