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Unbelievable Udaipur!

The Palace City!

Unmatched for its grandeur, high note of romance, legendary valour and chivalry, Udaipur is full of splendours and surprises.

Udaipur is a city of shimmering lakes, rugged hills and embattlements in the shape of palaces both big and small. Marble palaces, beautiful gardens and placid blue lakes enhance the beauty of this city. Impregnable forts and floating palaces, resplendent Maharajas and fabulous tales of regalia, speak of an age of glitter and grandeur in the romantic city of Udaipur. It has been hailed as the ‘Venice of the East.’ Lazing on the edge of the Lake Pichola, Udaipur was the capital of the SisodiaRajputs after they moved from Chittuar.

City Palace & Museum

The City Palace is a complex of reception halls, residential suites and internal courts and has several carved balconies, arches and decorated pillars. Built in granite and marble, the grand edifice rests on the crest of an elevated ridge parallel to Lake Pichola. Imposing octagonal towers surmounted by cupolas, add excellence to the architecture. The eastern terrace affords a panoramic view of the city. At every step, there is a hoary relic. From the ramparts of the Fort, the Pichola Lake adds to the panorama of the city landscape. The entrance through the Tripolia itself is enchanting with eight carved marble arches of ‘Toranas’ under which the rulers in the past were weighed against gold and silver.

Of Peacocks &Pearls

The most fascinating of the inner courts is the MorChowk (Peacock Court) which has lavish mosaics of peacocks. The richly decorated balcony with delicate glass-inlay work, three imposing peacocks created with blue glass and mirrors, and the ornate pillars make MorChowk a unique landmark. The ManakMahal (ruby mahal) has entire walls inlaid with coloured glass and ornate mirror work, while Krishna Vilas has a remarkable collection of miniatures. In the Bari Mahal there is a pleasant central garden. The walls of Moti Mahal (pearl palace) are inlaid with bits of glass and mirrors, creating a magical interplay of reflections.

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