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Unbelievable Udaipur!

The Palace City!

Chambers of Magnificence

Dilkush Mahal (palace of joy) is embellished with a series of magnificent miniature frescoes and two splendid chambers- KaanchikiBurj(turret of glass) and Chitran Ki Burj(painted turret). The KaanchikiBurj, as the name suggests, is a breathtaking chamber with its walls, dome and ceiling decorated profusely with red and golden glass-mirror work. ChitramkiBurj has elaborately painted murals depicting important court scenes and battles. With its impressive pavilions, small chambers with paintings and murals, and panoramic views of Lake Pichola and views of island palaces through its windows,  BadiChatrashali is an important landmark of the Palace Museum.


Royal Artefacts

The colonnaded verandahs of the Zenana Mahal have displays of royal palkis (palanquins), buggies and interesting articles of daily use by the royal ladies. The first floor, on the western wing, houses another ‘picture gallery’ of paintings of the Mewar School. Also visit the ‘Symphony of Mewar’, a Music Gallery of royal collection of musical instruments belonging to the House of Mewarthat are well preserved and displayed in the Gallery. Located in Zone D, of the Zenana Mahal, in the City Palace Museum, some of them are over hundred years. This makes the collection unique as it is a continuation of family’s personal interest in music and preservation of these musical instruments.


Lake Pichola

Encircled by hills, temples, embankments,family mansions, bathing ghats and palaces, Lake Pichola is the star attraction of Udaipur. Named after the nearby Picholi village, its magnificence is enhanced by the Taj Lake Palace Hotel, glimmering in its aquamarine waters. With archways embellished with intricate carvings, scenic courtyards filled with lily ponds and fountains, it is just a boat ride away and was also one of the filming spots for the James Bond’s movie, Octopussy. Equally fascinating is the Jag Mandir Palace, the first island palace of Lake Pichola that was also the inspiration behind the world famous Taj Mahal.

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