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Tips for Wedding Photography!

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Shoot at Sight

Soon-to-be brides and grooms want the best imagery of their wedding. They want the unscripted moments to be captured and are willing to go the extra mile by donning their D-day finery and descending into caves, wading through streams and running on the shore. JFW talks to wedding photographers and finds out how the concept has changed over the years.

A wedding, no matter how well-planned and grand, lasts for one day. It’s the memories that last a lifetime, who better to do it than a wedding photographer? There was a time when wedding photographers were looked down upon by editorial, fashion and commercial photographers. Today, the wedding photography industry has gotten fierce. More and more photographers are entering what has become a very lucrative and growing market. This pool of talented photographers commands a whole new level of respect—for the work that they do differently and creatively. They have redefined the age-old concept of wedding photography and breathed new life into it.

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