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Pre-wedding photo-shoot

Earlier, a photographer figured last on a wedding checklist. Today, he not only stands first but is also highlighted, circled and what not! A photographer walks through the entire journey with the couple, from the pre-wedding functions, behind the stage happenings to the wedding and reception. But today, a pre-wedding photo-shoot is also catching up as a trend. The soon to be couple announce their wedding through a save-the-date card with one of these pictures. It is a fun way for the couple to get to know each other and also build a rapport with the wedding photographer. V. Mahendran, owner of Athini Photos, Coimbatore says, “A pre-wedding photo-shoot helps the photographer in getting to know the couple, what works for them, how affectionate they are with each other, how relaxed they are and whether they are laid back or more formal in character. That really helps in deciding the best angle to shoot from and choosing the lighting.”

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