Summer Interiors to Spice Up Your Home!

Is your home ready for the Summer?

Breezy Fabrics



The same rules for summer clothing apply to your summer upholstery and drapery as well. The more the fabric breathes, the cooler and airier your home will be. Make the transition from cotton sheets to a linen set. Linen will keep you cooler, decreasing your need for an air conditioner or fan. For an eco– friendly alternative for area rugs try materials like bamboo, hemp and jute. As mentioned earlier, stick to shades of white and neutral tones or the cooler colours of the spectrum like blues and greens.

To keep out the summer sun during the day, invest in good curtains. Replace heavy velvet or silk drapery with crisp linen panels. Pairing light curtains with sheer ones can give you a versatile option for the hot months. If cost is not a factor, muslin curtains instantly make the room lighter and airier.

TIP: Convert your inexpensive cotton sheets to summer curtains and get a crisp and light effect in your rooms.

Kid ready



Your children’s summer vacation can seem like a bane rather than a boon when you find yourself constantly on the edge about them creating a mess. Give yourself a breather by making sure that upholstery, pillow and cushion cover are not only casual and fun but also machine washable. Kids would love to spend their summer holidays doing paint or art projects if you give them the liberty to. After all, kids will be kids.

TIP: Put away all breakables and memorabilia for the two vacation months.

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