Style Files: Oh My Orchid!

The colour of the season!

Heel It Up!

Radiant orchid is the perfect colour for spring. It has been all over the runway of spring 2014. This gorgeous mixture of fuchsia, pink and purple is ready to rock runways and parties this year.

Remember, the sexy orchid need not adorn every part of your body. So, keep it simple yet sexy. Put on heels of this tint even if your clothes are of a different tone. Since this is an adorably friendly colour, you can match it with almost anything! However, since this happy colour is so vividly radiant, make sure you do not mix it up with yet another bright colour, unless you want to look wild and vibrant. It is better to let the heel get all the attention, for it is a signature colour you are pulling off.

The Perfect Match

Nayan has Orchid highlights in her hair spot on!

Here are a few tips to pull off the best radiant orchid look!

  • Figure out the perfect shade of radiant orchid that suits you best then begin accessorising.
  • To look striking, and draw attention to you orchid piece, such as statement tops, match it with a colour that is not too bright, like black. Radiant orchid tops and black pencil skirts are the best this spring.
  • Step away from the plain wardrobe and go for something printed. Floral prints or anything mild will do the trick. However, make sure you do not choose the wrong accessories for printed dresses. They cannot be printed too, that will leave a sense of confusion.
  • Radiant orchid need not be the colour for a special occasion alone. You can get casual; all you have to do is put on flip-flops or a converse to suit your clothes.
  • Summer being round the corner, get sheers of a similar hue!

From sweatshirts to cocktail dresses, radiant orchid has a say in everything. There might be a million colours out there, but this one is all you will need to keep you incandescent as ever!

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