Style Files: Oh My Orchid!

The colour of the season!

Don the Season’s Colour!

Get flamboyant with the right array of clothes and accessories and this time it is more about the colour! Say hello to the favourite colour of the season – Radiant Orchid! 

Energetic, charismatic and perfect for almost all skin shades, eyeshades and hair, get introduced to this joyful purple this month. Enjoy the lushness of this hue, as we tell you how to spruce up the mood with the radiant orchid finery!

Damsel’s Dresses

Be it your wedding or a party; adorn yourself in a radiant orchid dress. Make it a tiered chiffon one, for that fairytale look, and braid your hair up. Alternatively try on a silky dress, with a well-fitted waist and straps. You can integrate it with statement boots or heels that will complete your look. The hue can be made subtle or deepened, depending upon the occasion. Go flowery and mild or a little dashy and raunchy when needed. This colour will leave you looking blissful and jubilant at the same time!


Radiant orchid is everywhere; pull your hair up with the right tinge of this colour for your scrunches to form a high pony. Accessorising yourself with this shade will help flaunt your body parts more boldly than ever before. Get the casual, everyday look with a rounded bracelet. This would go with any colour you are dressed in. A Moto jacket atop a white tee is sure to magnetize all the attention you can imagine. Keep in mind: radiant orchid belts are one of the sexiest embellishments you can carry!

In case you are tired of belts and jackets, relax and get snazzy, with the right hint of this beautiful shade for your eyes and some swanky lipstick in a similar shade. That is all you need to look nifty without too much effort. Even more, deck your look with the right shaded sling or a clutch. Nail paints are no exceptions to this lovely colour as it is bound to suit all skin types. All you have to do is figure out the shade that pleases you the most!

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