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Shruti Haasan Shares A Heartfelt Message Embracing Her Quirkyness!

Kudos to her!

Shruti Haasan is a social media star, she’s always documenting her life on Instagram and we are here for it. Whether it is her love life or her movie-related buzz, she gives us a personal account of things.

She shared a few stories on Instagram of her BTS getting ready for a shoot. We love how she transforms into a traditional Indian look and back to her grunge style with ease. She is a true fashionista, she can easily pull off any look she likes. That’s the beauty of being a film star, you can play a certain role on the screen which could be the opposite of who you are as a personality.

Her message was a heartfelt one where she accept her ‘weirdness’ and how she doesn’t fit into society’s existing moulds. It’s an empowering thought for most young girls and boys out there. We do not have to fit into a box, we are original and special. When a celebrity pouts out a message like this on the internet, people connect and can associate with it. Kudos to her for just living her life on her terms!

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