Quick Fashion Guide : What Not To Wear To Work

A simple rule book to follow.

There have been numerous advice as to what one should and shoudlbt do at a job interview, from body language to clothing options, you have every do and dont in place. But what most of us miss out is what one should do once you land the job. We all know the ground rules to collegaue interaction, behaviour with boss, work ettiquetes etc. But no one really educates us on the dress code, while most corporate offices have a formal or informal code of dressing, the start up or the casual workplaces are a little tricky. Your work environment is casual , your boss is rational and your colleagues are buddies but that does not give one the liberty to conduct as one likes. So, here is a simple list of Dont’s for what you shouldn’t wear to your workplace:




Flip Flops/ Slippers

Flip Flops should be limited to your homes, beaches, errands and nothing else in between. Its a code break if you attempt to wear these to shopping malls, dinners, movies and office. Its never cool to show up in a pair of slippers, its not a style statement, only a reflection of your lazy self. So, if you have landed yourself a job, please make an attempt to graduate to a pair of sandals.

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