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Pulsating Pattaya For All You Adventure Lovers!

Enthralling Pattaya!

Alcazar Show

The Alcazar cabaret show is a must visit. The show has become a legend, drawing tourists from around the world. The lady-boys will charm you with beautifully choreographed dances, over-the-top costumes, dazzling performances and breathtaking backdrops.  

There is one show every day between 5.30 pm to 7.00 pm. Entry fees is 550 Baht.

The performances woo audiences from different nationalities. You will be surprised to see a dance number performed to our own “Aaja Nachle”.  Plan your trip and buy tickets since the performance is sold out weeks in advance.

If you don’t get tickets to the Alcazar Show, try Tiffany’s. You should not leave Pattaya without viewing one of the two shows. It is worth the watch!

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