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“Neenga shut-up pannunga” surfaces back: Big Boss 3

Just two years back Oviya’s phrase ‘Neenga shut up pannunga’ became a trend-setting one liner that inspired everything from tee shirts, coffee mugs, an army and also a Yuvan-Anirudh song. Now Vijay TV has just released its July 2nd promo one titled the same – ‘Neenga shut up pannunga’!!

The promo opens up with Vanitha Vijay Kumar and Madhumitha in between a heated-up debate over the same issue that surfaced two days back. Madhu brought in the connotation of being a “Tamil Ponnu” (tamil girl) and argued Abhirami’s behaviour of considering a water bottle a child of hers and Mugen Rao highly inappropriate.

In the video you can see Vanitha blaming Madhu for having double standards saying “keep your opinions to yourself and shut up”. In response Madhumitha shouts back “Neenga shut up pannunga”! One can clearly notice a changeover of Madhu after the incident. She seems to have became relatively quite and also started sporting a very traditional outlook. She wore a saree yesterday and also today looking at the promo.

Apart from this yesterday’s nomination round also took an ugly turn with even housemates who seemed likeable like Saravanan was called out. The participants who have been nominated are: Meera Mithun, Madhumitha, Saravanan, Cheran, Sakshi Agarwal, Kavin and Fathima Babu. The first week in the house had come to an end with the Bigg Boss asking the participants to nominate and choose a new leader. Mohan, Meera, Reshma and Mugen were the nominees, Mohan was elected as the leader with nine votes.

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