#MeToo : “He violated my Trust!” – Chinmayi on Vairamuthu

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“Every day is a battle”

It may not be all men, but certainly enough men that women end up associating the crime with the gender itself. Chinmayi explains that normalizing casual sexism has just been the way of society. “Right from normalizing casual sexism to having women bear and grin the same; right from the time they step out of their homes…it is just sad. Women are always told to be careful, men are never told so. Women are never told to go out boldly, instead, she is told to dress a certain way and behave a certain way. In fact, the cover story on how leggings are inappropriate tells us what kind of a society we are in. There was a lot of hue and cry from women regarding the same so voices are blooming here and there. Right from calling out casual sexism to heinous crimes like rape, we have come a long way. Rapes weren’t even reported much before then it is now. What we go through on a daily basis is just first and second-degree harassment. The male gaze, intentional groping, men that make women uncomfortable – we have to fight it out on the regular.”

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