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Lady Superstar Called “Leftovers”, When Will These Trolls Grow Up?

This is disgusting.

Director Vignesh ShivN and actor Nayanthara have long kept their relationship unknown. Although seen together many times in many events, the couple didn’t confirm their relationship. However, recently we saw the duo celebrating Vikky’s birthday in New York, slightly confirming the rumours of a relationship. On Monday, Vignesh, who is currently in New York, tweeted a few pics of him with Nayanthara.

The Thaana Serndha Kootam director said that he’d never dreamt of having a birthday like this and that he thanked God and “my dear sunshine” (Nayanthara) for making his life beautiful and bright. If that’s not confirmation, we don’t know what else is. We are all so happy for the couple.

While many people congratulated the couple, quite a few on social media have since been making memes and discussing Nayanthara’s love life in distasteful terms. Comments like Vignesh ShivN was ‘tasting’ other people’s ‘leftovers’ and that he had to make do with a woman who has been in other relationships have been flying thick.

Admittedly, all celebrities on social media are subjected to a fair amount of trolling every time they put up a tweet or a post. However, the comments targeting Nayanthara are not just abusive but are extremely misogynistic and tie in with ideas of chastity that are considered exclusive to women.

Referring to the highest paid woman star in Kollywood as “leftovers” only because she has been in relationships as any other adult previously shows that the mentality among many young men remains unchanged from earlier generations. The bigger question in mind is, why is that only a woman becomes left over after few relationships, so what about the men in the industry who have also been in many relationships, why don’t they get the same treatment? On the other hand, these men will be praised for still clicking among women; such is the misogynist mindset of our people.

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