Here’s How You Can Create Magic In Your Wedding!

Weddings are meant to be colorful!

 The wedding season is just round the corner! Gone are the days when our parents used to call the ‘tent’ guy for wedding decorations. Wedding decor has evolved and so have our choices. Brides and grooms are more involved in the tiniest details of their weddings than ever before. Indian weddings are all about colour and splendour. How do you differentiate the events from each other?  Here are tips on how to leave an impact on the wedding guests with fine decor.


Mehendi & Haldi – This is the time when you can get all your props out. From team bride posters to that floral rickshaw, it’s all about making the Mehendi function colourful and vibrant.

  • Make sure you decide on the theme for your wedding. Among many popular themes are Bollywood, Gatsby, South sojourn, Nizamia and much more.
  • Once you decide on the theme, roll out an invite which reflects the theme of the event and do not forget to mention the dress code.
  • Talk to your wedding planner and make sure you visit the venue before hand to discuss where you would like the main setup for the Mehendi.
  • Florals are the most popular choice for the wedding party. Right from Jasmine to Marigold, there are many options available for the decor.
  • Make sure you have enough space and sit out area for your bridesmaids and relatives to participate in the Mehendi function.
  • What’s a millennial wedding without a selfie booth? Get your wedding planner to set it up for you.
  • If you choose South sojourn, get the decor right! From floral auto rickshaws to filter coffee pop-up station, there are many options you can choose from. Do not forget to add a dash of posters from the most loved Kollywood movies for the decor.
  • Keep in mind, that the dress code, props and the decor should be in sync for those pristine photographs.

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