Here Are Some Tips you Need To Remember If You Colour Your Hair Frequently!

Nail your hair locks!



White seems to be the hair colour in high demand these days. What do you have to say about sporting this look? 

We have a lot of people requesting to colour their hair white or salt and pepper. What slips most people’s attention is that getting that look on Indian dark hair is extremely difficult. If somehow, we do manage to get somewhere close to that, then texture suffers. So, the better option would be ash blondes or cool blondes.

 What is your recommendation to keep chemically treated hair healthy?

If your hair is chemically treated, you must stick to professional, salon-grade products only. These products are designed specifically to provide the right amount of care and moisture to your treated hair. Regulating moisture content in colour-processed hair is vital because colour treatment makes hair porous, which leaves it prone to absorbing and releasing moisture easily and drastically.



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