Here Are Some Tips you Need To Remember If You Colour Your Hair Frequently!

Nail your hair locks!


What shade of colour is the hottest right now? Is there a festive special?

Hair fashion changes every 6 months, which means what we have for autumn-winter, may not stick around for spring-summer. This season, reds, red-violets and red coppers are the more dominant shades and will be in vogue over the festive months to come. That said, if you like to throw caution to the wind with your offbeat style, you can continue to play around with the flashes of blue, green, purple and pinks.

 What are the different styles you recommend for different lengths, textures and hair types?

The texture and length of the hair matters a lot to a stylist, especially when it comes to specific hairstyles. Curly and wavy hair looks extremely glamorous at different lengths. But yes, it also invites volume. If you like that volume in your hair, then you can keep experimenting. In case of straight hair, bobs look classy. Here again, if you are inclined towards keeping it long, make sure there is enough texture with those layers.

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