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‘CITY OF PEACE’ Calling!

Plan a trip to Hague now!

Getting there


The Rotterdam Airport is pretty close compared to the Amsterdam Schipol Plaza Airport. A wise choice would be to land at the Schipol Plaza Airport and then take a direct train to The Hague.


Access to Den Haag via Rail is easier. You could either choose to get down at the Hollands Spoor (HS) or the Centraal Station (CS) depending on the area you want to go to. Centraal Station of course has better connections to the main cities across the country, namely Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Utrecht etc.


Opt for A12 if you have to head to Utrecht and A13 to visit Rotterdam and Belgian border. Motorway A44 is another main one leading the drivers to Amsterdam, Leiden and Haarlem too.



Get Artsy!

Plan a quick visit to the The Royal Picture Gallery Mauritshuis. Set up way back in 1822, it still remains as one of the pre-eminent art museums in The Netherlands. You could get a glimpse of the famous artwork of Vermeer’s – ‘Girl with a Pearl Earring’ here.

Go Tong-Tong!

An ideal time to plan a trip to The Hague would be June/May considering you also get to witness the Tong-Tong Fair at the Pasar Malam Besar. A 12-day affair, this fair showcases a tryst of everything from all the continents!

A taste of History

Popularly known as the Prison Gate Museum, the Museum De Gevangepoort gives us a throwback to the early 16th-century Dutch history. History aficionados will definitely connect to this place as it gives out an honest idea of the ‘coerce’ death every criminal faced at the torture rooms.

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